Podcast #9: Schedules are for pussies (also, Merry Christmas)

Hello there! Only six months late with our next podcast. Damn we’re good! In our defense I think we actually recorded about three podcasts that never made it on to the site. That is largely my fault, but of course I generally blame Bug for most things.

We’ve got a special Christmassy, end-of-yeary episode for you tonight! Adam and Bug start us off by talking about the new Zelda title ‘Is there anybody out there that still cares about this franchise’ ‘Skyward Sword’, moving on to Alice: Madness Returns (six months late, just like the podcast) bringing back platforming, Saints Row’s magical past time of running around naked and beating people with sex toys, we have an argument about Skylanders and then everything is rounded off nicely with a chat about best and worst titles of 2011. There’s also some wickedly obvious purchase advice in there somewhere.

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Achievement Unlocked! Podcast #9

We might do another one next week, I’ve learned not to make promises.

Thanks for listening, Merry Christmas, and a happy fucking new year sheeple!